Sealand Community Council

Important notice: Covid-19

The Community Council has temporarily  suspended its Council meetings normally held at Sealand Primary School and will be replacing them with On Line meetings.

Details can be found on the Council’s agendas available on this website.

Council Finances and Audits

Council budget related documents.

 All Sealand Community Council budget documents are available for viewing and download here in PDF format

Precept, Audits and Accounts

Each year the Council determines the level of finances it requires for the forthcoming financial year. The Clerk prepares draft estimates for consideration by the Council, usually at its December meeting. Members of the Council are fully aware of the need to be prudent and the estimates and proposed expenditure are considered very carefully. When the amount of finance required is determined, the County Council is requested to precept that amount on behalf of the Council.

Sealand, like all other Councils is subject to a stringent and externally controlled  audit process. This is done in two stages. The first by the Council’s internal auditor, JDH Business Services of Mold. The second stage is undertaken by the Council’s external auditor BDO LLP who have been appointed on behalf of the Auditor General for Wales.  Both audit reports have to be fully considered by the Council and they must be made available for inspection and also published on the council’s web site.

Applications for Financial Assistance

Each year the Council considers applications for financial assistance. Understandably, the Council can be inundated with applications, the majority of which are for worthy causes. In these  circumstances the Council formulated a policy whereby, in the main, grants are restricted to organisations from within the community or those which may have a link with the community and /or its residents. There are a number of organisations within the community which provide a valuable service and the Council is keen to help those organisations which help themselves. Applications are considered whenever they have been submitted to Council.

Any organisation making application must have its own bank account and the Council cannot make grants to an individual member of the public.