Sealand Community Council

Important notice: Covid-19

The Community Council has temporarily  suspended its Council meetings normally held at Sealand Primary School and will be replacing them with On Line meetings.

Details can be found on the Council’s agendas available on this website.


Includes a list of and information about Sealand Council's members.

Cllr Gwyneth Bullock 28 Orchard Way, Garden City, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 2JP
Jean Ross Fairbrother Cllr Jean Ross Fairbrother 56a Green Lane Estate, Green Lane East, Sealand. Flintshire CH5 2NA
Cllr Ashley Griffiths 3 Bridge View, Garden City, Deeside, CH5 2HY 0751 2355418
Barbara Hinds Cllr Barbara Hinds - Council Chair for 2020/21 5 St. Bartholomew's Court, Sealand, CH5 2QT 01244 880533
Bob James Cllr Bob James 21 Sandy Lane, Garden City, Flintshire, CH5 2JE 07933 115120
Christine Jones Cllr Christine Margaret Jones 31 Welsh Road, Garden City, Deeside, CH5 2NU 01244 811556 / 07510 829041
Norman Jones Cllr Norman Jones - Council Vice Chair for 2020/21 19 Kingsley Road, Garden City, Sealand, Deeside, CH5 2HZ 01244 819883 / 07528 763538
Dr. Mikael Khan Cllr Dr. Mikael Khan 1 Yew Tree Avenue, High Grove, Sealand. Flintshire CH1 6HB
Alex Lewis Cllr Alex Lewis 56B Green Lane Estate, Green Lane, Sealand, CH5 2NA 01244 288289 / 07712 576870
M Southall Cllr Mrs M Southall 4 East Green, Sealand Manor, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 2SS 01244 822266 / 07718 937638
Mike Walker Cllr Mike Walker Hen Dee, Old Sealand Road, Sealand, CH1 6BR 01244 881755 / 07710 488472
Cllr Brian Ward 38 Sealand Road, Sealand, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 2RJ 01244 846369 / 07538 240714
David Wisinger Cllr David Edward Wisinger 7 Church Cottages, Sealand Road, Sealand, CH1 6BR 01244 680290 / 07799 825696
Peter Richmond Peter Richmond (Clerk) 3 Blakeley Court, Raby Mere, Wirral, CH63 0ND 0151 334 2247 / 07920 284026

Party Affiliated To

Councillors Alex Lewis, Chris Jones, Norman Jones, and David Wisinger - Labour Party.
Remaining Councillors - no Party Affiliation