Sealand Community Council

Important notice: Covid-19

The Community Council has temporarily  suspended its Council meetings normally held at Sealand Primary School and will be replacing them with On Line meetings.

Details can be found on the Council’s agendas available on this website.

Sealand Flood Wardens

Contact Details and Areas of Responsibility

There are 8 volunteer flood wardens in Sealand to work with Natural Resources Wales and the Emergency Services in the event of a breach in the Northern Embankment which covers from Tata Steel to Bumpers Lane

The Sealand flood wardens have a link to a lead flood warden in Sealand and he has the link to the duty officer at natural resources wales in case of a flood.

Flood warnings 

To sign up for flood warnings, you’ll need to provide:

  • the address or location you are registering for
  • a phone number you can be contacted on day or night
  • an email address

The service is free.

Other ways to register

You can also register, update your details or cancel your account by calling Floodline.


Telephone: 0345 988 1188
Type talk: 0345 602 6340