Sealand Community Council

Important notice: Covid-19

The Community Council has temporarily  suspended its Council meetings normally held at Sealand Primary School and will be replacing them with On Line meetings.

Details can be found on the Council’s agendas available on this website.

Local Groups

Café Chat 

The Café is one of six cafés in Flintshire, working in partnership with Flintshire County Council, Communities First, NEWCIS, Alzheimer’s Society and other agencies Each café has a team of volunteers, a committee and support from local Dementia Support Workers. The café runs every month on the 4th Monday of the month at the St Andrews Hub, Sealand Ave, Garden City, Deeside CH5 2HN.

The volunteers at the cafe include councillors, supermarket workers, local authority employees but it is mainly run by local residents and young mums. The young mums came together at the beginning and helped form the committee and get the cafe up and running. They have worked very hard around work and family commitments to organise each cafe and advertise it in every way they can.

The cafe relies completely on donations and the volunteers ran a stall at a local funday to raise funds for the cafe and will also be running a Christmas Fayre. They have attended each cafe and more come each month. Some of them have worked in care before, some haven’t and some wish to start but all of them have one goal and that is to raise awareness of dementia and make the community dementia friendly.

We want the cafe to be welcoming and fun for all service users and we have a different theme at each which we hope they will enjoy. We want to play a part in promoting awareness of Dementia, to make people aware & to make communities, including retailers, dementia friendly. By working together we can achieve this.

All our volunteers have done the Dementia Friends training & we are proud to wear our badges. We want people to see that dementia does not take away a person, they are still there inside and that it affects everybody differently, once you have met one person with dementia, you have only met one person with dementia. The disease affects so many people and awareness is finally coming to the forefront and to us, that small part we all play will play a huge part in helping beat dementia for good.



Eye2Eye is a social club for the visually impaired.

We might be just what they need!

For more information contact Pauline on 01244 810567



How it all began

Following the decision to turn The Melrose Family Centre into a day care centre in 2002 The Deeside Club for the Blind found a new home at St Andrews Church Hall in Garden City. Since the move it has changed its name to Eye 2 Eye and is now a charity in it own right.


Here and now

Eye 2 Eye is a social club for the visually impaired we meet weekly with members from many parts of Flintshire attending. We are completely self funding and the club is run entirely by volunteers none of whom claim any expenses so all money raised goes directly for the benefit of the members. We arrange for subsidised transport for members door to door to and from the club.